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Sexy Summers By Dani Lovell

This is the second book in the Sexy Series, by Dani Lovell, this book is about Luke and Tilly who you meet in book one, Luke is Daniels best friend and Tilly is Bea best friend, When you have read book one you can mostly predict what this books gonna be about, but let me till you may have predicted one thing in this book, but Dani Lovell is full of surprises, this book was brilliant i didn’t expect half the stuff in this book to happen. Luke and Tilly meet in book one, like Daniel and Bea they have a holiday fling but they decide to leave it at that, after coming home from America Tilly discover’s she Pregnant and that she must tell Luke about it during the Christmas holiday she going on with Daniel, Bea, Clare, Oliver, when she arrives in Aspen, Old feeling start to resurface, and the heat that burns between them takes over, Clare tells Tilly that she has figured out that she pregnant, and that she must tell Luke, But how will Luke react to news? Will he be happy or angry?

Well i guess you’ll have to read the book đŸ™‚

Book Three is due out next march and is Clare and Oliver’s story.


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