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Off Limits By Sawyer Bennett

This book was amazing, when i went on amazon to look for a new book i spotted this one and when i realized it looked familiar i went on to my kindle and typed in the author name and up popped off sides, it was then i realized that the first book was part of series, which made me jump for joy, i haven’t realized that it was going to be series and with the second book out i was hooked, it only took me around 3 hours to complete this book i just couldn’t put it down.

We met Emily in the first book briefly, She Ryan sister. When Emily and Nix have an accident which leaves Nix’s expensive bike damaged Emily  agrees  to work for Nix to pay for the damage. Emily becomes more and more attracted to him. Nix’s had puts walls up around himself to guard himself from Emily charms. Is Emily willing to accept the small part of Nix he’s offering? And will Nix open his heart to Emily and finally allow her in?

Find out in Book Two of The Off Series “Off Limits By Sawyer Bennett”

Book Three in the Off Series is out now: Off The Record


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