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The Legacy Collection by Ruth Cardello is amazing, She currently has 5 books in the Collection and the 6th is due out at sometime at the end of the year, the first book is about Dominic and Abigail, in book was brilliant, filled with stubbornness, Dominic and Abigail first meet in Dominic’s hotel room where she filling in for Lil(who is her sister), then Dominic and Abigail begin an affair when she accompanies him to China, Dominic thinks Abigail is going to be a great distraction while away on business, but when everything goes a tad bit pear shaped, Dominic is forced the open up his heart and realize that he’s in love with Abigail. Will they get there happily ever after?

5 OUT OF 5

Find out in book one of The Legacy Collection By Ruth Cardello.


Comments on: "Review-Ruth Cardello-Maid For The Billionaire" (6)

  1. Lucy Wright said:

    i loved maid for the billionaire, i’m hooked on all of Ruth Cardello books

    • I love her books aswell, there is only ‘gentling the cowboy’ i haven’t read, it on my to read list when i have more time, i need more hours in my days lol!!

  2. I love Maid for the Billionaire! This is my favorite in Ruth Cardello’s Legacy Series!

  3. Emma Fitzgerald said:

    One of my favourite books! Wonderful writer and amazing and fun series!

  4. Sara Smith said:

    I loved this book! What a great start to an amazing series!! Ruth is awesome!!

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