Romance books and reviews

Running on Empty (Mending Hearts, #1)

4.5 OUT OF 5 FOR L.B.Simmons Running On Empty.

I really enjoyed this book, i read when i was recovering from a cold and i have to say that it was brilliant, a good book to sit down and read when you have nothing else important to do, just remember that once you start reading a really good book you can’t put it down, and with this book i just couldn’t put it down, when you start reading you really cant stop until you reach the end, this books feels real, i mean there are moments and when i can just imagine little kids i know doing the things the kids do in this book, and all you want to do is smile.


You meet so many different character in this books, each is unique, which makes me love the book even more, you meet too people who fall in love, but what happens when your heart has already been broken once through tragdey? can she move on and be with the one she loves? Find out in this brilliant book by L.B.Simmons.

Running on empty by L.B.Simmons is available on amazon.


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