Romance books and reviews


Naomi thought she’d met someone wonderful when Elliot came into her life, but he simply wasn’t into her. It’s the story of her life.
While everyone around her is settling down, she gives up on trying to find her Mr Right, and turns back to the one thing she has always loved – music.
Enter Marcus, he was a year above Naomi at school and she always had a killer crush on him. He now fronts a band with his older brother Theo.
Marcus has the reputation of a playboy and Theo, well… he’s just bad news. But their band is doing well and Naomi has the chance to join.
After spending some time in their company, Naomi see’s something in each of them she can’t ignore. She wonders if joining the band was perhaps a bad idea – you should never mix business with pleasure. Especially when that pleasure could divide families…

5 out of 5

This book was brilliant, i loved it, the minute you decide who she’s gonna end up with, it suddenly changes and has you guessing again, i love who she ended up with and i am very excited for book(S) that are to follow,  the question of who she will end up with runs right through the book, till things suddenly come to an intense halt.

If you want a book that keep your entertained all the way through but also has you guessing who the happily ever will be for, then this book is definitely for you.

I love Lilliana Anderson and her books, and this one did not disappoint, and i’m looking forward to more in future.


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