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Life for Charlotte(Charlie) Harris couldn’t be any better at this moment in time. She has her dream job, she has an extremely wealthy knight in shining armor and she has a best friend a girl could ever ask for. On paper, the beautiful world unfolding at her feet almost appears too good to bed true for a working class girl from Manchester right?

But what happens when you glows over the statistics and realise that the happy bubble you have been living in for the past fifteen months has all been a twisted, tour tours path of lies? What if you realised that the person you loved wasn’t who they claimed to be any longer?

With the once sacred and happy memories now turned into hatred and despair, Charlie must now follow her instincts to either forget her past and move on or force the hand that holds the cards to her life to reshuffle the deck before it leads onto the twisted future that lies instore.

What will she choose?

Can she forgive and forget for the only man her heart has ever loved?

My Review:

4.5 out of 5

This book was really hard to get into at the beginning, but as you carried on reading the more drama and emotions flooded the book, Charlie and Callum are brilliant together and i love them as a couple, as you get into the book you start to question there relationship but you want together and to stay together. It wasn’t just the main character you loved either Charlie best friends make the book even better.

This book was HOT HOT HOT.

I don’t want to say to much without giving the book away, but i would defiantly recommend this book to anyone.

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