Romance books and reviews

*I received an ARC in return for an honest review*

4.5 out of 5 for this book.

Check out the blurb below.

With a past buried and left behind, Katrina changes her last name on a search for a normal life. But what is normal, really?
Three years, two amazing friends, and a new future, she thinks she has finally secured it. That was until Ryder. With him she was able to forget her fears completely, to feel more normal than she ever has.
But when her past comes crashing into her present, will he think her past is all lies, and abandon her like everyone else that she thought loved her did. Or will his promises bring her above the dark that surrounds her life.]

My Review.

Everybody has a past right? Well what happens when your past catches up with you? Can two people with pasts and issues find happiness?

This book has you reading to the end, i wanted to know what happened and why it happened. The story line in the book was brilliant but could have gone more in-depth with Kat past, but apart from minor details like that, the book was absolutely great and a good read. It shows that women can be strong and stand up to there past instead of letting it take away there happiness.

Everybody has a past, but not everyone has the strength to over come it like most. Reading the story show strength and love and real emotion.



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