Romance books and reviews



I received an ARC in return for an honest review.

4.5 out of 5

This book was written from the male POV, which surprised me because a lot of books are written from a female or joint Perspective. This story is about a boy from school who isn’t in the popular crowd in fact he even thinks that he invisible to the one girl he has a major crush on. But he’s surprised when he learns that she knows who he is. This book shows how people stereotype others and that you should never judge a book by it cover. I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone who wants brilliant romance story, with the HEA.

Check out the Blurb Below.

School. Tests. Scholarships. Goals.

Senior class overachiever Geoff Miller thought he had it all figured out. All he needed to do was make it through the next six months, graduate, and get on with his life.

College at the University of Virginia beckoned him– and he just wanted to put the last horrible four years at Heritage High School in the “done” folder.

Geoff just didn’t count on two things: Laine Phillips, and sex.

At first, his passing crush on the school princess seemed to Geoff like a distraction from a boring life in a snobby Greater Cincinnati suburb. Then one day, it turned into something more…

Six months. Not that long, right?

This is a Mature Young Adult/New Adult Romance. Not suitable for younger readers. Contains sexual references and profane language.


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