Romance books and reviews


My life is in a tail-spin and I’m about ready to crash.

I’ve cut Matt Connover out of my life… well, at least out of my bedroom… but I still have to deal with him at work. I have Lorraine intent on raining hell and destruction down upon me, which at least provides a nice diversion from my miserable feelings over Matt.

About the only good thing that has happened to me lately?
Cal Carson asked me out… and I accepted.

Matt’s not going to like that. Not one little bit.
But that’s not my problem now, is it?

My Review

5 out of 5

This book was released early, and you’ll be so happy that you didn’t have to wait till the original release day. And let me tell, this book is amazing, i thought this series was already emotional but this book just took you even further on the roller coaster ride that is Mac’s and Matt’s story. It does end in a really annoying  but amazing place that leave you wanting more and more from this series, will there relationship go past “just sex”? or will Matt insist on keeping there current arrangement?

Look for this book on amazon and other online retailer’s

Another amazing book by Sawyer Bennett.


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