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Beautiful Failure By Mariah Cole

Title: Beautiful Failure
Author: Mariah Cole
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date:December 17, 2013

If you’re looking for a heartwarming story about a girl who falls deeply in love with a troubled boy who changes her life–a sob story with pretty metaphors and a million ways that’ll tell you how “broken” she is, STOP. Don’t read another word of this.

I’m not that type of girl.

My name is Emerald Anderson and I’m not going to bullshit you: I flunked out of college after my sophomore year, I’ve been fired from every job I’ve ever taken, and I’ve never had a fully functioning relationship in my life.

I wish I could say that I had a cheerleader in my corner, someone who says, “No, Emerald–You’re great and you are good at something!” but I don’t. My grandparents are completely oblivious to my life, and my mother’s dying words to me were “You’re going to end up just like me one day. A beautiful nothing.”

She was right.

As I decide to start my life over and take two jobs that will forever change me–one from the inside, and one from the outside, I keep my mother’s words close to my heart so I can keep the sexy and mysterious Carter Black away.

He’s the first man who’s ever pursued me, the first man who seems bent on finding out why I am the way I am, but he’s wasting his time.

I’m not broken. I don’t need to be fixed. I’m perfectly fine being a beautiful failure…

Starbucks Addict. New Adult author. Dreamer.

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Review- Legal Affairs-Affirmation

This books was amazing, what an amazing end to the series.
I have loved every single book in this amazing short series, Matt and Mac were amazing , they always had great chemistry, and everybody knew from the start that they were meant to be together, we followed them on a amazing journey that has been full of lust, anger,heartbreak but most importantly LOVE!

Sawyer Bennett has done an amazing job with this final book, you get the happily ever after you want, Matt and Mac style!!! You DO NOT wanna this amazing final book, it full of surprises and that all important happily ever after find out what happen NOW!

Affirmation now available on amazon!

Review-Parkers Past By Regina Frame

Wow, is the one word I would use to describe this book.
This story was a novella following saving Chloe in a series of books, this is the second book in which as shown in the title we learn about Parkers past and why he is like he is and the way his mind ticks.

As you may have figured out Parker has a large guard up around his heart to stop himself from falling in love, this books shows why and what happened to Parker.
Parker thinks he has everything but could that be all about change?
And will he end up with Chloe or Emma?

Only one way to find out,READ THE BOOK NOW!!


Forgive Us Our Trespasses By M.L.Steinbrunn BLOG TOUR!

Title: Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Author: M.L. Steinbrunn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 11, 2014

How long would you wait to be with the one that you love? How much of yourself would you hide in order to keep them?

Brooks knows the moment he meets Vivian that he will do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means leaving her. Running from his past, he spends the next decade trying to forget the shattered heart that he left behind.

Is there any betrayal worth the cost? Are there some sins that cannot be forgiven?

After a lifetime of rebuilding the walls guarding her heart, Vivian confronts the harsh reality that some fortresses are not meant to stand. Winding through a gray fog of disappointment and deceit, she must conquer her deepest fears to accept the love she believes she is too unworthy to have.

As the paths of these two battered hearts cross once more, together they seek redemption for their sins. However, when the secrets of their pasts come knocking on their door, forgiveness and love will be tested, and they will be forced to answer the question: “When the lies run out, will the truth finally set you free?”

Forgive Us Our Trespasses is an adult contemporary novel and is not intended for younger readers due to mature content.

Colorado native M.L. Steinbrunn is new to the professional literary community, but has been in love with the world of fictional characters and plot twists since she was a child. Writing short stories and reading anything she could get her hands on, it could be argued that her hobby borders on an obsession.

She works full-time as a middle school and high school educator and coach in rural Colorado where she and her husband are raising their three young children. Through education she has enjoyed guiding others on their paths and helping students build their stories. After countless evenings of discussing story ideas, it was her husband who encouraged her to follow her own path and publish her first novel.

She is currently working on her debut romance novel Forgive Us Our Trespasses, which is will be released in March of 2014. It will be the first in a series of intertwined stand-alone novels.

In her free time M.L. enjoys travelling, Amazon one-clicking, watching movies, chauffeuring her children to their one and half million activities, and people watching.

She would like to add a big thank you to everyone that has been overwhelmingly supportive of this incredibly scary yet exciting journey.

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Review- Reparation By Sawyer Bennett

This book was amazing……
This is the 5th books in this series each one is amazing and just gets better and better, I am so in love with Matt, he’s amazing, in this book we see matt finally getting serious about his relationship with Mac….but will it last? Can Matt really change?
Find out by reading this amazing book.

Roll on book six!!

Frayed By Kim Karr Cover Reveal!!

Frayed Hi Res (1)

Title: Frayed (Connections #4)

Release date: Sept 2, 2014


*He didn’t think, he didn’t question—he just acted.*

*What she wanted, she took—without regard.*

*It was only one night, but it changed everything.*

After losing his fiancée, Ben Covington is unsure he’ll ever love again.
But he’s so deeply drawn to Bell Wilde that he’s thrown for a loop. Maybe
it’s purely sexual chemistry that’s igniting their spark… or maybe it’s his
second chance at love.

Bell has just gotten her life back on track and may not be up for the
challenge of Ben Covington. But once they’re reunited, there’s no holding
back—even if a secret from Bell’s past just might shatter them both.

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Facing Me(shaft on tour #2) by Cat Mason COVER REVEAL

Title: Facing Me (Shaft on Tour #2)
Author: Cat Mason
Genre: Adult Romance
Publication Date: March 25

“Everyone has a story, my pages are just a lot darker than most.”

Aiden Chesterfield needs control like he needs to breathe. It pushes back the dark past he tries to pretend doesn’t exist. As badly as he needs the structure that domination provides, he needs Camaron to be the one to submit to him. Though, when Aiden realizes how unworthy she feels of his love, he sends her away. Her insecurities anger him, but break him at the same time; forcing him to come to the realization that her emotions are one thing he cannot control.

Camaron Allen left everything to start her life over in Vegas, with hopes of finding family. After losing the man she loves, because of her insecurities, she’s determined to become stronger. When a phone call from her best friend has her taking on a new career, she is forced to face more than herself. Shaft is hitting the big time and everyone wants a piece of the rockers’ pie; and some are willing to do anything to get it. Will Cam and Aiden be able to move beyond their fears and face the possibility of a future, together? Or will they forever fight their demons alone?

Cat Mason is thirty years old and a mother to three children. She was born and raised in Granite City, Illinois which is just across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, Missouri. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and children. Previously publishing Contemporary Romance under her real name, Amy Cox until she decided to lose the filter and let it all hang out. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or spending time with her friends and family.

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Facing Me – Shaft On Tour #2 (Coming March 25)

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