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With a twist by Sawyer Bennett

5 stars for this amazing book!!

Well what I can say…..sawyer has outdone herself,this book was amazing and is now my all time favourite.

It so different from a lot of the other books but it also stays with her writing style.
In this book we meet hot police man Wyatt, and omg he is dream, I can visualise him in my head and I am so liking what I’m thinking.

This book was very intense, both the story and the sexual chemistry, we also meet Andrea who is smoking hot and you get the immediate attractive between her and wyatt, what shocked me the most about this books was how they ended up together, I really don’t want to do spoiler so I’m going to just saying the ending is brilliant but how you get to it surprised me a little and I think that’s what made this book so great, it full of different stuff.
You should defiantly check this out now on Amazon and other ebook sites.