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Review- Sawyer Bennett- Off Course(Book 4)

Another amazing book By Sawyer Bennett!

Sawyer Bennett releases her forth and it amazing, when Sawyer Bennett announced that there was going to be a 5th book, i sat thinking well who could it be about, but there always the other family member so meet Renner caldwell.

I really enjoyed this book because it was so different from the other books, first of all it set in Ireland, which is different, Renner leave America and with it leaving everything else behind, ex-boyfriend , old jobs, but she bumps into an old acquaintance, Cillian. Cillian Kissed Renner 5 years previous to the present day in the book, but she was young and inexperienced, so when she returned 5 years later he see something he wants and and what Cillian wants Cillian gets. Will Renner finally give in and be with Cillian? Will they get there happily ever after?

Find out in Book four of the Off Series

Book Five due out 21/10/13


Review- Sawyer Bennett- Off The Record(Book 3)

Sawyer Bennett does it again with another amazing book in the Off Series.

I actually had a count down on my phone for this book, i was that excited!

In this book we meet Linc who is Nix’s Brother and Ever who is a journalist, When Ever publishes  an article about Linc that she received off the record and that Linc insists isn’t true, Ever editor tells her that she most follow Linc round for six weeks. Ever is about to get to know the real Linc Caldwell, but what happen when lust takes over? And what do you do when you have walls around your heart preventing you from love? Will they find happiness together?

Find out in Book Three in the Off Series Off The Record”

Book four is out now: Off Course