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Review of Unlikely Attraction by D.W.Cee

This book was amazing, I could not pick a fault with it at all, it was everything I expected as in the book being brilliant,  but the book and it contents is really emotional and it loved it,  I loved Delaney from moment we meet her in D.W.Cee’s previous books, now who loves Donovan? ME, I do , but then again who doesn’t, there are moments in this book where you feel frustrated at Delaney and Donovan but as you continue to read you discover it all makes sense, D.W.Cee did amazing on this book I bought the book and sat and read it non stop I could not put it down 😀

5 out of 5 for this Amazing book, truly was amazing and I’m looking to Near Perfect Attraction (Donovans side of the story?)

Delaney story Unlikely attraction OUT NOW!